Friday, January 30, 2009

Social Media Breakfast-Twin Cities 11 - Job searching and social networking

Today was another outstanding episode of Social Media Breakfast - Twin Cities. Paul DeBettignies (@MNHeadhunter) led a presentation and discussion on using social media in your job search. As someone fully embedded in a job search, I have been using many of the techniques he outlined as he and I had a great talk soon after I found myself unemployed. It really shows the power of the community when professionals get together to offer advice and assistance in tough economic times. Paul also started another blog and community to assist people in their job searches. is a great resource to find many answers and helpful suggestions to people trying to lock-down their next position.

Another great part of the social media breakfasts is the community building. I love the hours immediately following smbmsp. I make so many connections and find so many people to follow through the discussions, networking and by following the twitterstream at that my social network builds with people who bring with them a breadth of knowledge, expertise, wit, opinion and information.

So, thanks to all. And without further adieu, here are my followers (thanks to Walter Higgins at Sxoop Technologies).

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