Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keane - Perfect Symmetry tour review

Just got back from Keane. They were simply fantastic. Saw them after Hopes & Fears was released, missed them on the Under the Iron Sea tour but now on Perfect Symmetry, they were a seemingly entirely different band. Hopes & Fears was a very subdued show. Really ominous, angsty and depressing. Sad cartoons and illustrations in the background. Tonight was upbeat, very Britpop and fun. Tom Chaplin was much more active and animated this time around. Apparently his breakup and subsequent rehab has had a very positive effect on his personality. He was so much more engaging.

They played all but two songs from Hopes & Fears, only three songs from Under the Iron Sea and five songs from Perfect Symmetry.

Now the negatives. The openers played too long. Two opening acts was too much. You shouldn't have to wait two hours to see a headliner who only plays 90 minutes. I have no problem standing while a band is playing, but now I remember why I like small clubs, theaters and stadium shows over large club shows. You can't sit at a large club. At all. Ever. My back and feet are killing me.

As Murtaugh said "I'm too old for this ****."

Oh, and once again, they ended with Bedshaped. I hope they close every show with it.

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