Thursday, April 26, 2012

Help my sister by answering some social media questions

My little sister is in an organizational communications program and is currently working on a project to find how corporations are using social media both within their organizations and to market themselves to the greater public. She reached out to me to help her get some operational insight to companies using social media as part of their marketing/advertising strategy.

I'd really appreciate it if you would help her out by answering these questions in the comments.

Thanks so much, and please share with your networks.

  1. How does this type of marketing better a business or the marketing plan?

  2. How do you explain to a client that social media platforms are the best marketing for their business or product?

  3. Why advertise using social media? What is the benefit?

  4. Do you find that a certain age group or culture is influenced more? Who do you gear the advertising to?

  5. Do some of the companies exclusivly use social media?

  6. Do you have studies or test that give you information about who you are marketing to?

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