Friday, February 25, 2011

A huge step back in gender relations

According to "A Strange Stirring" author Stephanie Coontz, the best predictors of a man's happiness with his wife are 1) how little criticism he gets and 2) how much sex he gets.

The best predictors of a woman's lack of criticism and sexual attractedness to her husband is how much housework he does.

Essentially what she's saying is the more housework a man does the less his wife will criticize him and the more sex she will give him, thereby making him happy in his relationship. She says it is really that simple. No discussion about support, communication, honesty, economic stability, child-rearing, commonalities, stimulating conversation or emotional connection.

That's the most perjorative, condescending, sexist drivel I have ever heard. Wow. I had hoped we had moved beyond traditional gender roles.

So what say you, dear readers? Is it really that simple? Are those "Porn for Women" books and calendars that accurate?


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