Saturday, March 12, 2011

SXSW Interactive 2011: Day 1 in review (including video!)

For a "southby" virgin, the first day can be a little overwhelming. Daunting. Intimidating even, and that's without the trade show floor even being open! Day one was good. A mixture of enlightened conversation (does any brand really only need 100 "fans" if they're the right 100?) and disappointment in a logistical #fail (it shouldn't have been surprising that big brands talking about their marketing budgets were going to get a huge audience), culminating in a fabulous bbq dinner from the good folks at and conversation around the Chrysler - NMS fiasco with other big brand social marketers (only one of whom wouldn't have fired NMS). Anyway, it was good day, and I'm looking forward to more today (though I definitely don't need to attend any more of the parties. I'm too old for the loud music and dancing buffoons).

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