Friday, February 27, 2009

Marketing & social media links of the week

  • Deepspace SEO Event Recap (Lindsay Wenner, Space150) - Space150's Ben Krull talked about how to get integrate SEO across all aspects of your web development team. Ryan Lewandowski from Target discussed how they are using certain SEO techniques to gear traffic toward specific product pages to drive sales. Nina Hale from Nina Hale Consulting talked about search outside the realm of Google. Lastly, Craig Key from Space150 discussed the benefits of SEO and social media.

  • The ROI of Being Social at Work (Matthew Hodgson, the app gap) - Have an issue where you're on social media sites at work, and your boss thinks you're being unproductive? This article outlines the studies behind improving your working environment through social media.

  • 5 Social Media Fatal Errors (Mike Rynchek, Spyder Trap Online Marketing) - Not getting what you wanted out off your social media campaigns? Chances are you're committing one of these.

  • When Pay Per Click Is NOT Right For You (Brian Carter, Search Engine Journal) - Wondering if you should get into the wonderful world of PPC? Brian Carter gives a great intro into whether or not it's worth your time, effort and money to jump into it.

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