Friday, February 13, 2009

Marketing & social media links of the week

  • United Linen Does Social Media Right (Scott Hepburn from Media Emerging) - A solid example of a business to business company successfully utilizing social media in their marketing strategy.

  • 8 Questions to Ask Your "Social Media Expert" (Dave Fleet) - Piggy-backing on Chris Brogan's post, take a look at Dave Fleet's post on vetting your consultants and/or social media marketing staff. Don't go into this world blind.

  • 8 Tools to Track Your Footprints on the Web (Lidija Davis from Read Write Web) - Once you've started your social media marketing campaign, how do you track it? You know that analytics are important, but in the social media world which tools do you use? Davis offers some great suggestions.

  • Top Twitter Features Worth Paying For (HubSpot) - Ok, in addition to tracking your blog, SEO, keywords and social media presence, there are various demographics and analytics that can be derived from the Twitterverse that would be a goldmine to any internet marketer. Which ones would you be willing to pay to receive?


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