Friday, April 1, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 1

I don't remember where I found this, but I saw this list and thought it would be a great way to spark my blogging and keep me on task while I train myself to blog more heavily on my personal stuff. Sure, I write for work and I write (less frequently than I should, thanks Bryan) over at Hockey Wilderness, and I write a large amount of personal thoughts and such in 140 characters or less, but I haven't done enough here.

During April, I'll be participating in the 30 days of pictures. Essentially, each day's blog post will be a topic about which I need to find or create a picture (duh) and a paragraph or a list of thoughts around the topic. Honestly, for someone like me, it is going to take me WAY out of my comfort zone (I detest talking about myself *don't laugh it's true*), but it's a great exercise.

So here we go.

April 1: A picture of yourself with 10 facts (I'm assuming they mean about me, otherwise this would be easier)

  1. I was born on the coldest January 10th in Minneapolis history (Michelle loves hearing the Nathan birth story as told by my parents every year)

  2. I went to half-day kindergarten, half-day first grade for 8 weeks then skipped to first grade

  3. I love musical theater, and it was one of my many majors in college

  4. I broke my thumb playing softball when a guy slid into my glove but my mother didn't believe me, thought I was being a drama queen and told me to suck it up. I still bring it up to lay a guilt-trip on her

  5. I suffered from septic bursitis after having my elbow blown open playing adult league hockey

  6. I took my mother to Sing-along Sound of Music one year and loved every minute of it

  7. My sister had a Baby Alive that would talk during electrical storms and I was convinced that it was Chucky from Child's Play

  8. I'm responsible for saying grace in Norwegian at family holiday meals

  9. I have never ridden a motorcycle, dirt bike, snowmobile or ATV

  10. I cheered for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1987 World Series and the Atlanta Braves in the 1991 World Series just to be different from my father. I still feel shame

Ok, 10 facts about me. That was WAY harder than I was expecting. Now it's your turn. Post this on your blog and link to it in comments!

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Bryan Reynolds said...

I can help you with #9, boss. Whenever you're ready.