Thursday, April 7, 2011

Will it Blend's Tom Dickson blends at GrowCo 2011

YouTube phenomenon Tom Dickson performed live at Inc Magazine's GrowCo 2011 conference. I was lucky enough to sit front row and shoot this video.

And yes, it blended.

  • Blendtec sold over $520k by reaching out to social influencers at SXSW and publishing a half-price offer for 48 hours

  • Companies are paying Blendtec to have their products blended because of the reach of the videos. Blendtec's marketing department is revenue positive because of product placement.

  • "You can't make a mistake when you're viral, or everybody's going to find out!" - Tom Dickson

  • Blendtec does no print, no radio, no major advertising. Massive growth from the Will it Blend series

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