Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day 12

Day 12: A picture of something you love

Anyone who knows me knows that there are two things in this world I adore: my family and Mountain Dew.

Ahhh, sweet nectar of the gods. Sure, it's not exactly healthy and tastes nothing like a fresh morning dew sprinkled over a mountain glade, but damn if it isn't exactly what hits the spot time and again. The invigorating citrus-inspired flavor of Mountain Dew never fails to perk me up.

Mello Yello and other impostors cannot hold a candle to the truth that is the official, one of a kind taste, of Mountain Dew.

The absolute biggest problem with international travel? No Mountain Dew anywhere to be found. I have known to go a week to 10 days without the refreshment of an ice cold Mountain Dew while venturing abroad. While I truly enjoy my experiences travailing the back alleys of Europe's grand cities and basking on a beach overlooking crystal waters of the Caribbean sea, I am yearning for an old friend.

I love you Mountain Dew. You are my rock, my solace after a hard day, and the best part of any 15 minute refreshment break.

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